We are a network of Pastors, lay leaders, and everyday people with a dream to see the Canadian church reimagined


The Fresh Expressions movement was born in the UK out of a desire to cultivate, recognize and celebrate new forms of church, and has spread through more than 3000 churches and organizations around the world.

We are and ecumenical, missional movement that seeks to recognize and participate in the innumerable ways in which God is already at work in our world, both in areas thought of as ‘sacred’ and also ‘secular’ – because God has always been in the business of breaking down our boundaries and expanding our horizons.

In 2008 the Church Planting Working Group of The Anglican Diocese of Toronto morphed into the Fresh Expressions Working Group with significant support from Wycliffe College. This was the beginning of Fresh Expressions Canada.

Our small, but mighty team travelled across Canada, sharing the vision of the Fresh Expressions movement and stories from its birthplace in the UK. We came alongside missional pioneers of all backgrounds, beliefs and styles to support them and also learn from their experiences of experimenting with fresh expressions of church. This eventually birthed the Vital Church Planting Conference to which a succession of the Fresh Expressions leaders from the UK came and spoke.

In 2017, Fresh Expressions Canada began reassessing the needs of the Canadian church and how we may best serve those innovating and pioneering in their unique contexts across the county. This process still continues and has already yielded some incredibly fruitful projects and partnerships. Notably, closer relationships with New Leaf Network in Canada and Fresh Expressions in the United States

This time also saw the launch of our Missional Leadership Cohort; initially in partnership with Asbury Theological Seminary, and now self sustaining under Fresh Expressions Canada. Now in its third season, the cohort brings together up to 25 pastors, lay leaders and missionally curious pioneers to explore what it means to cultivate Jesus-Centred, Kingdom-Inspired, Communities-In-Mission over the course of one year.

Our leadership team is working to create space for critical conversations to take place as we learn what it is to respond faithfully to the distinct challenges and opportunities of today. From the particulars of authentic online worship, to practical and experience-driven plans to refresh and revitalize established congregations, we’re working to inspire, challenge, and equip the next generation of missional leaders in Canada.

We believe that God is not done with church. In fact, God's just getting started...